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Meridian Class A Shares

Meridian Class A Shares

It pays to be a Member

What are Class A Shares?

Meridian Class A Shares are a unique and exclusive investment opportunity for Meridian Members. When you invest in Class A Shares, you invest in Meridian directly by strengthening our capital base. In return, you earn a 4.00%* minimum rate of return, and an option for increased diversification in your investment portfolio.

Class A Shares are available for registered and non-registered accounts.

If you’re a Meridian Member interested in purchasing Class A Shares, simply let us know and we’ll add you to the waiting list.

When an existing shareholder is ready to redeem their shares, you’ll have the option to buy them.

Benefits of Class A Shares

Fixed redemption value

Unlike common shares, which are valued by the market and go up and down in price, Class A Shares have a fixed redemption value. This means you redeem them for the same price you paid for them.

No minimum purchase required**

You don’t need a lot of money to get started. You can invest as little as $1 CAD (1 share) when you’re offered the chance to purchase investment shares.

High rate of return

Class A Shares pay an annual dividend. The minimum rate of return, or “dividend rate” is 4.00%*.

While dividends are not guaranteed, historically, Meridian has always paid an annual dividend to shareholders. The dividend declared will be subject to available earnings and Meridian’s financial performance.

Why should you consider investing in Meridian?

Strong business growth

Assets Under Management
YoY Growth (in $ millions)

The chart shows the growth in Meridian’s assets under management, year over year in billions. Its shows that assets have increased each year from 2015 to 2020. In 2020, $26.5 billion, in 2019, $23.9 billion, in 2018, $20.4 billion, in 2017, $18.1 billion, in 2016, $15.9 billion and in 2015, $12.8 billion.

Learn more about Meridian’s strong finish in 2020.

Historical high rate of return

50th AnniversarySeries 96Series 98Series 01Series 09Series 15Series 17
Frequently asked questions


*4.00% is the minimum target annual dividend depending on the series. Dividends are not guaranteed.

**When you purchase from the waiting list, there is no minimum amount required to purchase.

You must be a Member to purchase Class A Shares.

Joining the waiting list does not obligate a Member to purchase Investment Shares.

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