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Learn how to deposit cheques with your phone

Learn how to deposit cheques with your phone

Step 1: Sign in and get started

Once you have signed in to mobile banking, tap the blue Deposits tab at the top of the screen.

Tip: If you don’t see the Deposits tab at the top, swipe the blue bar to the left until you see it.

Step 2: Choose an account and a deposit amount

Tap the drop down arrow under To Account, and select the account that you would like to deposit the cheque into. Enter the dollar amount of the cheque.

Step 3: Choose a photo option

There are two ways to take a photo of the front and back of your cheque before you deposit it.

  1. If you have already taken a picture of the front and back of your cheque with the camera on your phone, tap the Upload Photo option and select the photo of your cheque from your photo library. Then upload photos for the front and the back.
  2. If you haven’t taken a photo of the cheque already, tap the Take Photo option in the Cheque Front section.

Tip:If this is your first time taking aphoto of a cheque in the app, youwill be prompted to allow the appto access your camera.

Step 4: Take a photo

When taking a photo of your cheque, make sure that your cheque is faceup, on a flat surface with plenty oflight. Position the phone so that your cheque is within the grey frame.When it’s in frame, tap the capture icon.

If you want to use this photo, tap the check mark icon. If not, tap the try again button. Do this again for the back of the cheque.

Step 5: Complete your deposit

Once you have successfully provided your cheque photos, you can tap on the yellow Deposit button at the bottom of the page.

Your cheque is now validated.

Scroll down and tap Deposit to complete the transaction.

Your deposit is now complete. You will see a final summary screen with the details of your deposit.