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Business support services

Business support services

We’re here to answer your questions and provide helpful, convenient support for your business. With expanded services available by phone, you can call our Contact Centre for many of your business questions and needs.

Contact Centre

Toll free: 1-866-592-2226

International collect: 1-416-597-0165

Monday to Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM (EST/EDT)

Services available from our Contact Centre

Account services
Call us for help managing your account. Our Contact Centre representatives can:
  • - Schedule a meeting with a local Financial Service Representative to open new accounts
  • - Make changes to your account package
  • - Update the account profile for authorized signers
Technical support
Give us a heads-up if you run into a technical issue. Our Contact Centre representatives can:
  • - Reset your password
  • - Help you set up and manage online banking
Transactions support
Let us know if you need help tracking and managing your account transactions. Our Contact Centre representatives can:
  • - Answer questions about transactions and initial charge-back inquires
  • - Handle inquiries related to PPSA fees, cash & coin fees, monthly account fees, etc.
  • - Help you submit payment for your business taxes
Documents and records services
Get in touch if you need help tracking down documents related to your account. Our Contact Centre representatives can:
    - Send you paper copies of account encoding forms
  • - Arrange for paper copies of statements
  • - Process cheque orders

Any other questions?

Please reach out to your business advisor for any other questions or concerns. We’re here to help.

More ways to get in touch

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