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Video transcript: Building community, together


"My name is Mark Basciano, I’m the president and owner of the Mountainview building group.

I’ve been around construction you know pretty much all my life. I was that boy in the sandbox with his Tonka toys moving piles of dirt around and now I get to do it on a much larger scale. One of the biggest reasons I still have a tremendous passion for this business is I just love people. I love my customers; I love the people I work with every day. You know when you build somebody’s home, you’re taking part in people’s lives. So, when somebody moves in on moving day and you see the excitement and the smiles, there’s a tremendous sense of gratification. The reality is this company is not me, I might be the face of it but behind me is an absolute remarkable team. They all believe in personal growth which always reflects on better built homes, better customer experience.

I’m most grateful for all the partnerships like Meridian that allowed me to be where I am today. They really took the time to understand the business. You can drive anywhere in southern Ontario, and you will see Meridian’s commitment to the local communities. My personal legacy is probably around growing the company, at some point stepping back form the day-to-day operation, and watching the team take the company to another level. That’s what really keeps my passion for this business.”

Building community, together

Mark Basciano, president and owner of the Mountainview Building Group, is passionate about building homes for people. He’s also immensely grateful to work with partners that have an impact on communities – like Meridian. This is his story.

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