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Financial relief

Help and relief options from Meridian

We want to do everything we can to help. Meridian has a variety of solutions to meet your unique needs, including payment deferrals, direct deposit for CRA payments, and expert advice to help you manage your finances during this challenging time.

Please reach out to your advisor directly, call our Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226, or contact your local branch so we can help customize a solution for you.

Guide to Meridian’s relief options

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Learn about Meridian programs to support Members, including important details like eligibility.

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Guide to government relief options

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Wondering which financial assistance programs you qualify for and how to apply? Get the answers.

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Skip a payment for your mortgage or loan

If you’re having trouble making a payment on your mortgage or loan, we’re here to help. We can tailor a solution to your individual circumstances, and one possible approach is skipping a payment. You can request to skip a payment online, through your mortgage or loan payment options, or by calling our Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226.

How it works

You can take advantage of 2 skip-a-payment requests at a time (up to 2 monthly, 4 biweekly, or 8 weekly payments). In certain circumstances you may be eligible to skip up to 6 months of mortgage or loan payments - to find out, call our Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226.

How skipping a payment affects your interest and outstanding balance

When you skip a payment, you are only deferring the payment, not subtracting it from the total you owe. Instead, you make an additional payment later. The interest continues to accrue but will not be added to the outstanding principal balance. This means that you won’t be charged interest on interest.

Is this for you?

Skipping a payment is a great option to have for your peace of mind. Remember, though, paying off your debt is always going to be better for your finances overall, so if you can make your current mortgage or loan payment, you should. Our skip-a-payment feature is intended to help you if you are incapable of making a payment due to financial difficulties arising from a crisis or emergency.


You are eligible to skip a payment as long as:

  • Your mortgage or loan is currently in good standing.

  • There is more than 60 days until your mortgage or loan maturity date.

  • Interest-only construction mortgages are not eligible for skip-a-payment.


Frequently asked questions about skipping a mortgage or loan payment

Credit card support

We have several new solutions to help you manage credit card payments, avoid unnecessary contact when shopping, and deal with expenses if you’re stuck outside of Canada.

Monthly credit card payments

We highly recommend that you reach out to us for help if you’re having trouble making payments of any kind. We can help you prioritize. Contact your local branch to talk to an advisor or call our Contact Centre.

If your credit card account is currently in good standing, one of your options is to defer your minimum monthly payment (whichever is greater: $10 or 2% of the outstanding balance for personal credit cards; or $40 or 2% of the balance outstanding for business credit cards). The interest on your balance continues to accrue and will be added to the charges of the outstanding balance.

To defer a payment, contact the Collabria Call Centre at 1-855-341-4643.

Zero liability policy

Breathe easier knowing that your Meridian Visa card is protected from fraudulent activity. When you use your Meridian Visa card online or in a store you are protected from unauthorized use. Visa’s zero liability policy eliminates consumer liability for fraudulent transactions - this means you can shop with confidence, because you’re only responsible for the purchases that you've authorized on your Visa account. Learn more about Visa’s policies.

Apple Pay

Visa Apple Pay is a simple, secure, and contactless way to pay with your Visa card in stores.There’s no need to take out your Visa card or type in your payment information - just wave your iPhone or iWatch over the terminal to make your purchase. Learn more about Apple Pay.

Contactless payments

We’ve increased the limit for contactless payments to $250. This means that you can now tap your card for higher balances, decreasing the need to touch PIN pads. There may be exceptions if the merchant has a lower limit.

Increased limits for Canadians abroad

For Members who are stuck outside of Canada and have a greater need for funds right now, we are providing credit limit increases to help you cover expenses – whether it’s essentials or travel fare to get home.

Contact the Collabria Call Centre at 1-855-341-4643 to increase your limit.


Frequently asked questions about credit card support

Direct deposit for CRA benefits

By setting up Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) direct deposit online, you can get the money you need faster. If you have a Meridian chequing or savings account you can submit an online request for CRA direct deposit and the CRA will put the benefit right into your account.

How it works

It’s easy to get started. Just sign in to online banking, and from the Account Summary screen, select the link that says "CRA Direct Deposit". Alternatively, you can find the option under 'Settings’ or via the "Set up a Direct Deposit" option located in the "Select an Action" menu from any Chequing or Savings account. Once you sign up for direct deposit it takes about 3 to 5 business days to complete the request.

How to set up direct deposit for CRA benefits

Is this for you?

Direct deposit is a great option for you if you’re receiving any of the following refunds, credits, or benefits:

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit

  • Canada Emergency Student Benefit

  • Income tax refund

  • Goods and services tax / Harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) credit

  • Canada child benefit

  • Canada workers benefit

  • Ontario trillium benefit


You can sign up online for direct deposit CRA payments if:

  • You have a chequing or savings account with Meridian

  • You have filed at least one income tax return

  • Your account has been opened for more than 90 days

If you don’t meet these criteria you can still register for direct deposit by contacting CRA directly or using their My Account application. For more information, visit the CRA website.

Repaying CERB payments

If you applied for CERB and are either no longer eligible, or applied multiple times for the same period, you may have to return the CERB payments. For details on how to repay it visit the CRA website


Frequently asked questions about CRA payments

Get in touch

If you have any questions, please reach out to us. You can call your local branch to speak to an advisor, or call our Contact Centre to talk to a representative.