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2020 Annual General Meeting

Meridian Credit Union’s 2020 Annual General Meeting took place on April 23, 2020 by webcast and teleconference, in light of public health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
What happened at the Annual General Meeting?

  • Reports from Management, the Board, and the Audit & Finance Committee.

  • Approval of the 2019 audited financial statements and appointment of the auditors.

  • The results of the Directors’ Election were announced and the newly elected Directors were introduced.

Meridian’s Board of Directors and Management sincerely thank all of our Members who voted in the 2020 Directors’ Election. The four successful Candidates elected to the Board of Directors for a three-year term are: Jackie Beaurivage, Hari Panday, Larry Doran (re-elected) and Mike Valente (re-elected).
Colleen Sidford announced her early retirement from Meridian’s Board, after the nomination period closed. The Board leveraged the applicants already extensively vetted through the nomination process and approved the appointment of Ian Cunningham to fill the remaining one-year term.
As part of the 2020 Directors’ Election, Members also had the opportunity to vote for a charity to receive a $5,000 donation. Meridian is pleased to announce that Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario is the recipient of this donation, as chosen by our Members.
To read the full highlights of the AGM, click here
Who may attend future Annual General Meetings? 
All Members are invited to attend and participate in Meridian’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Your participation is part of what makes our credit union a unique place to do business.

A recording of the 2020 Annual General Meeting will be available shortly.