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From our Members

Why Meridian
is different

"Thanks much for all the help you did regarding my new house mortgage. It was great working with you and you made the whole process so flawless, hassle free and very speedy process. You have explained me all the details about mortgage and answered all my queries as a FTHB. You have taken care of the whole process diligently and completed it on time.

We would like to express our gratitude and satisfaction over it (in fact extremely happy!!). Many of our friends have gone through very complicated & tiring process; I am very sure that many of them will be looking at Meridian in future.

We are also so pleased with the digital process that Meridian implemented which makes our life so easy. Once again thanks much for all the help!"


"Have had such an amazing experience at Meridian Credit Union. Cannot say enough good things about the staff in branch and through telebanking."

Kristy Q.


"We have always been impressed with Meridian Credit Union! Glad to be a Member and highly recommend them!"

Sue W.

"Switched from TD after almost 30 years with them to Meridian about 4 years ago. It was one of the best things we've ever done."

Patti M.

"At any of the Meridian branches, I never had a problem. They’re friendly honest and I can count of them when I need them."

Hans R.


"It's amazing just how little attention customers of the "big 5" (note lower 'b') take when it's recommended they move to a CU. I did it several years ago and haven't regretted it. Probably feel it's too much trouble to transfer accounts, but all that's needed is to open an account and let the CU do the rest for you. (And no, I wasn't paid to say this!)."

Member (name withheld)

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This is a story that needs to be told about value,
understanding and service set in an era of old.
Opening the door to this facility,
the atmosphere is a dream come true,
People ready to serve and welcome you like Family,
for them that's nothing new.
Ontario's largest Credit Union, 80 places to serve,
of this I was not aware,
specializing in items other banks do not prepare.
Visit to check all they can offer, or other options you wish,
you'll find expert advice and answers, with nothing amiss.
They take care, to look after all your treasures,
with certainly no mention of measures.
Everyone is treated in a special way,
I found that to be true, on my visit the first day.
I was so impressed with the ladies, it is hard for me to say,
but if I was in business today, I would whisk them all away.
If you visit the front office, that's never a chore,
a welcoming smile, with an open door.

Donald Watson April 12, 2017
What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared 
to what lies within us


"We have switched almost everything to Meridian and my parents switched most of their banking to Meridian because of customer service. All the big 5 wouldn't help us with a mortgage but Meridian (and Tandia) offered. I so much prefer credit unions. We even received a Christmas card from Meridian!"

Adrienne B.

"Just switched over to Meridian Credit Union from TD, couldn't be happier! Much better customer service and overall better environment (everyone seems much happier)."

Stephy F.

"I will never go to a different bank, my grandparents, my parents and myself, have always used Meridian. Great customer service, no random monthly fees just for having a bank account and no surprises. Best bank ever!"

Ashley A.

"As a former of employee of 2 of the "big 5", I specifically chose to switch to Meridian as a customer on the advice of other former employees who now work for Meridian."

Bonnie M.

"Meridian is definitely about the people! I know they always have my back. I am so done with Scotiabank and RBC. Thank you Meridian!"

Lynndel W.A.

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