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Cortni Blanchard

Community Wealth Advisor

Mutual Funds Investment Specialist

Meridian Credit Union

Credential Asset Management Inc.

Are you facing uncertainty when it comes to your financial future?

As a Community Wealth Advisor and Mutual Funds Investment Specialist, my passion is in wealth management and financial planning. Every day, for more than seven years, I’ve looked forward to simplifying the complex news Meridian Members are bombarded with as well as interacting with them to create a sound investment plan road map that provides clarity and is simple to understand.

Working one on one for four years with Members out of the St Mary’s branch – and being so committed to this small but vibrant community – was instrumental in helping me hone my customer service skills so that, above all, I know how to listen and stay focused on what matters most to Members like you.

In fact, having someone focused on your needs and goals and who’s there to guide you through your financial challenges can offer you great peace of mind. As your financial advocate, I’m here to help – please reach out to me anytime and let’s get things going for your future.

Mutual funds and financial planning are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.

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There's value in honesty. Now that you know something about me, let’s find out about you. Email me today.