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Challenge: Spend a money-free weekend

family with two young kids heading outside for a walk

Looking for a fun way to save some money? Challenge yourself to a money-free weekend - it’s a great way to try out some money-saving habits. Plus, you can put the money you save toward one of your savings goals, like a special purchase, or an emergency fund.

It’s simple: No spending money on anything. No grocery runs, no spending on any kind of entertainment, and so on.


Benefits of a money-free weekend

  • It’s a simple, and immediate way to save money

  • You can practice getting more value out of the things you already have - like the food in your freezer or pantry

  • Extra quality time with family and friends


Ideas for your money-free weekend

  • Check for free events going on in your community

  • Play board games or do a puzzle

  • Hold a potluck - with dishes created only from items that can be found in your pantry

  • Take a long, relaxing bath

  • Make a time capsule

  • Listen to some podcasts

  • Try some meditation to find your zen

  • Work on a new skill - like juggling or baking bread

  • Go on a photography walk

  • Learn something new with an online tutorial, like card tricks or yoga

Give a money-free weekend a try sometime soon. Your wallet will appreciate the break and you might find that it helps you form some helpful savings habits, too.


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