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Why get a mortgage with a credit union?

Canada's credit unions have a tradition of customer service built on community, with the understanding that we all do better when we work together. Because credit unions are owned by Members, there is an incentive to offer the best possible rates and fees.

Meridian is Ontario’s largest credit union, helping over 350,000 Members achieve their financial goals. It offers everything its Members need to coordinate every aspect of their financial life while taking advantage of rates and offers that are often better than those offered by big banks.

The credit union difference

Credit union Members have access to a broad suite of day-to-day banking products, lending options -including residential mortgages - as well as investment & wealth management services. Many of these products, like mortgages, can be approved quickly because credit unions operate locally and don't need to rely on approvals from remote head offices. A more personal approach to service also includes telling you about rate changes before they happen.

The Meridian mortgage difference

Canadians are demanding more innovative ways to enter the housing market, while still being able to afford a fulfilling lifestyle for themselves and their families. Meridian Credit Union has responded to the challenge with its innovative Friends and Family Mortgage and more flexible financing terms for Members.

Family + Friends

Up to four people (who may not qualify for a mortgage on their own) can pool their money together to buy a home with our Family and Friends Mortgage.

De-stressing the stress test

Because credit unions are a provincially regulated, there is some flexibility in the ways Meridian can help you afford the home of your dreams. Find out what the mortgage stress test means for you.

Great customer service, competitive rates and fees, and faster approvals are all good reasons to consider a credit union when you're shopping for a mortgage. To learn more about Meridian and its family of residential mortgages, get in touch with your local Meridian Mortgage Specialist.