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Credit Cards Benefits

Fraud Protection

Fraud specialists are monitoring your account 24/7, using sophisticated tools to catch any suspicious activity. 


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Cash Rewards

With the Cash Rewards program, you'll smile when you pay with your card because you'll be building cash back simply for making your everyday purchases.


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Travel Rewards

With the Meridian Travel Rewards program your everyday purchases --whether it’s buying groceries or gas, dining out with friends, getting a haircut or seeing the latest movie at a theatre -- all add up to valuable travel reward points.

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US Rewards

Earn points for making purchases when in the United States and countries that use the US dollar as their official currency.


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Infinite Benefits

The Meridian Visa Infinite Cash Back Card and Meridian Visa Infinite Travel Rewards Cards are part of an exclusive category of Visa credit cards that combines exceptional benefits with fast rewards accumulation and higher purchasing power.

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Visa Benefits

Along with the convenience of acceptance nearly everywhere around the world, your Visa card includes a wide range of built-in benefits.


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With MyCardInfo, you have secure online access to your account when you need it — without leaving home.


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Chip & PIN

For your security, your card is equipped with Chip & PIN protection. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list of FAQs


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