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Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) 

Want to take care of your children’s education?

Meridian’s RESP is the ideal way save for a child’s education, whether for your child or your grandchild. Grow your RESP savings tax-free. Earn high interest. And with your funds held in trust you have confidence that your investment is safe and secure. 

RESP Features

RESP Savings Account

  • Competitive rate of return
  • Access funds at anytime
  • Principal 100% guaranteed

RESP Mutual Funds Accounts*

  • Eligible in Mutual Funds with potential to earn a higher rate of return over time

Build your RESP faster, the government of Canada offers one Grant and one Bond to help Canadian families.

Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG)

The CESG offers two kinds of support: Basic and Additional. Additional CESG can be up to 20% more for families.

  • Additional CESG for each qualifying beneficiary based on the subscriber's net family income

  • Additional 20% on the first $500 contributed if household income is less than or equal to $44,701 per annum

  • An extra 10% on the first $500 if household income is between $44,701 and $89,401 per annum 

Canada Learning Bond (CLB)​

• Maximum benefit is $500 initially and $100/year until the beneficiary turns 15

• Family must receive the National Child Benefit Supplement each year to qualify*. The supplement is over and above the Canada Child Tax Benefit

To open an RESP or learn more about the grants you’re eligible for, visit a branch or Contact Us.

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