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Resolving issues with new credit cards

Resolving issues with new credit cards

We're working on it

Unfortunately, the launch of our new Meridian credit cards has been causing issues for some of our Members. We’re working hard to resolve them as quickly as possible. Until then, use this page to check the status of any outstanding issues and get tips on how to get the best use out of your card.

Current issues

We’re committed to making sure you get the best credit card experience possible. Here are the issues that we’re currently working on resolving, with some notes on workarounds you can use until we get everything working perfectly.

As of Tuesday, August 1, we are working on:



Members are currently unable to change their PIN.This issued has been resolved. Members can change their PIN at any Meridian or THE EXCHANGE® Network ABM. Here’s a list of ABM locations. You’ll need to input your existing PIN during the process, so be sure that you have it with you. If you have lost and/or forgotten your existing PIN, you can have it reissued by calling the number on the back of your card (1-877-558-3049). This PIN can then be used to change to your preferred PIN at a Meridian or THE EXCHANGE Network ABM.
Members using their new cards at POS may unexpectedly receive messages in French.This issue has been resolved for cards issued after March 2023.  This language setting cannot be changed for existing cards, however this summer cardholders are now invited by secure message in online banking and email to request a replacement card, however if you'd like this issue to be fixed immediately, visit your nearest branch, or call 1 (866) 592-2226. 
Some Members are experiencing issues changing from print to electronic statement.We are working to resolve this issue so that a change to electronic statements can be made at the account level. Until then, the change must be made by toggling at both the account and card level in eZCard. Go to the Statements tab, select “Statement Delivery Options” and choose “Electronic”.


Tips to support

Some cardholders can’t find their points balance in eZCard.Ensure that you are viewing at the Account level, and then navigate to “Account Details” and “View Rewards”. To toggle to the account level, select the arrow sign in the upper corner of eZCard underneath LOG OUT.
Some Members are getting fraud alerts and declined transactions.Each time you use your Meridian Visa, our new fraud detection system learns more about your transactional behavior so it can better identify potentially unauthorized transactions or fraudulent activity. As a result, you may receive a Fraud Alert through a text message and/or email when making a purchase. When the system identifies an unusual transaction, the Fraud Alert will ask you to verify whether the transaction is legitimate.

Here are some tips for handling fraud alerts:
  • Text message alerts will come from the short code “869750” and email alerts from Note: Please ensure that you respond only to messages from these specific senders.
  • If you receive an alert, please proceed with the verification process as outlined above. Note: If your transaction is declined and you have not received a Fraud Alert notification, please check your email spam folder.
  • If you deleted or ignored an alert, you can also validate a transaction by calling the number on the back of your card.
  • To receive these important alerts in a timely fashion with minimal interruption to transactions, please ensure that we have your current contact information on file.
Some Members are having trouble activating their new card when calling from a phone number that’s not associated with the card. This is more common for Business Members who may not be able to make outbound calls from their main business lines.The best thing to do is activate your card by calling into Meridian’s Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226 or by setting up eZCard.
Some Business Members are reporting that the sub-cards for their employees are not activated.Some Business Members are reporting that the sub-cards for their employees are not activated. While all cardholders received a new card, Business sub-cards do not need to be activated individually. If you are a Business Member you can activate cards associated with your account on behalf of your employees by calling Meridian Contact Centre.
The activation message is asking Members to sign their new cards, even though there’s no signature box.Ignore this. You do not need to sign your new card in order to activate or use it.

Get the most out of your new Meridian Visa*

Here are a few key tips for using any new credit card.

Update your information for trouble-free transactions

  • Ensure that you delete your old card information and add your new card information to any pre-authorized payments with merchants that have your card on file (e.g., Amazon, Uber, Rogers, etc.), including your new expiry date and new three-digit security code on the back of your card.
  • In your mobile wallet (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.), delete your old card information and add your new card, including your new 16-digit card number (if it changed), expiry date, and new three-digit security code on the back of your card.
  • Update any automated bill payments with your new card information, especially for payments processed through Meridian or another financial institution.

Select your preferred statement method

The default method for receiving your Meridian Visa statement is by mail. If you want to get eStatements instead, just sign in to eZCard, go to Statements, select “paperless” delivery and follow the steps for enrollment. If you're changing your statement preferences using your mobile device, it’s best to use a mobile browser and not the app.

Log in to eZCard

Check out eZCard to familiarize yourself with all the account information and features available. For example, you can check your limit in eZCard (or on your statement), review recent transactions, pay your bill, and more.

Business Members: Log in to eZBusiness

If you’re a business cardholder and you need login credentials for eZBusiness, please complete the Account Setup Form and return it to our Meridian Advisor.

eZBusiness Account Administrator Setup Form (PDF, 155 KB)

Still need to activate your card?