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Board Nominations & Elections

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Meridian Board Members are generally elected for three-year terms. Every year Meridian holds Board Elections to fill vacancies for expired terms or to fill other vacancies that may have occurred.

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Nomination and Election Process

Each year, the Board of Directors appoints a Nominating Committee who is responsible for ensuring the integrity and quality of the Director nomination and election process and for ensuring that candidates are well informed about the process. The Committee is also responsible to recommend to the Membership those candidates who are best qualified to serve Meridian as a Director in order to have a high performing Board.

The Application Period generally opens in November each year and runs until December or early January. The Nominating Committee may engage a recruitment firm to evaluate all applications received and recommend a short list of qualified candidates to the Nominating Committee for an interview in February.

The nomination period for the 2021-2022 Board year is now closed.

The Nominating Committee completed interviews of qualified candidates in February and recommended four candidates. All other qualified were notified that they were not recommended and had the opportunity to stay on the ballot and participate in the election. Only the candidates recommended by the Committee opted to stay on the ballot, resulting in the four recommended candidates being elected by acclamation.

To find out more about the newly elected Directors, view the Candidate Brochure.

The successful candidates will be introduced at Meridian’s Annual General Meeting on April 27, 2021. Nominations are not received from the floor, nor does any voting for Directors take place at the Annual General Meeting.

Meridian is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Meridian was recently the recipient of the Governance Professionals of Canada Excellence in Governance Award for the “Best Approach to Achieving Effective Board and Committee Operations.”

Successful Candidates are collaborative, community-minded, growth-oriented individuals with demonstrated leadership experience.

For more information on our Nomination and Election process, please see Meridian Credit Union Director Nomination and Election Policy.

If you would like additional information, please contact our Returning Officer at returning.officer@meridiancu.ca

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Diversity & Inclusiveness

Meridian’s Board recognizes and embraces the benefits of diversity in Board members. The following “Statement of Intent” was unanimously adopted by Meridian’s Board:

Meridian recognizes and embraces the benefits of diversity in Board members. A truly diverse Board will include and make good use of differences in the skills, regional and industry experience, background, race, gender and other attributes of Directors. These differences will be taken into account in determining the optimum composition of the Board. Board members who are recommended for election will be based on those best qualified while taking into account broad diversity required to represent our Membership of today and tomorrow.