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Grow your business by investing in GICs

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You invest your time, energy, expertise and resources in your business. Did you know you can also invest to help grow your business’s finances? You work hard for that money – why not make some of it work for you?

GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) are a great, low-risk investment option to help get you started. Here’s why:

GICs are reliable and secure

It’s simple: when you invest in a GIC you deposit money for a set period of time (known as a “term”) and earn interest on it. At the end of the term (also called “maturity”), you can access your initial investment and the interest it earned. There’s less risk than with other investments because you’re guaranteed to get your initial investment back, no matter what. Also, financial institutions like Meridian issue GICs insured by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).

GICs are affordable and low-risk

You don’t have to invest a lot of your hard-won profit to get started with a GIC. Most GICs only require a minimum $500 deposit (with Meridian you can get started with just $100).

You may already have investments set up for your business – add a GIC to help balance out the overall risk by diversifying your portfolio. That way, you have room to explore higher risk options, if you want. You’ll be more confident knowing that you’re guaranteed to get back the money you invested with GICs.

You can customize GICs to fit your needs

There are many different GICs out there, so it’s easy to find one that fits your needs. Looking for something short term? There are GICs with 30-day terms. Got a long-term plan? Choose a 5-year GIC. If you think you might need access to your money before the end of term (and you want to avoid paying a penalty), try a cashable GIC. You could also benefit from the performance of the stock market with index-linked GICs (also known as market-linked or equity-linked GICs). There’s something for every business.

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GICs can provide a source of income

Why not choose a GIC that provides a reliable source of income? With a GIC that allows you to withdraw guaranteed interest payments at select intervals, you can count on some additional income for your business. Breathe easier knowing that even if things slow down for a bit, your GIC is still working for you.

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