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Credit Cards

Important Notice for Existing Meridian MasterCard® Cardholders

As of January 31, 2017, the relationship between Meridian and CUETS® Financial will end. Although Meridian will no longer participate in the CUETS Financial credit card program, CUETS Financial will continue to provide support and service and assume direct responsibility for all administrative and processing aspects of your MasterCard credit card account as of February 1, 2017.

How does this affect you?
The good news is that there is no immediate affect to you. The account number, PIN, features and benefits and terms and conditions associated with your credit card all remain the same.

What happens next?

  • In the next 60 to 90 days you will receive a new CUETS Financial MasterCard credit card with Meridian branding removed.

  • You may continue to use your current card until your new card arrives*.

  • Once you receive your new card, please destroy your old card and activate your new card immediately by calling the phone number on the sticker affixed to the card.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the CUETS Financial MasterCard credit card, click here.

Contact Information
If you have any other questions regarding your MasterCard credit card please call CUETS Financial toll-free at 1-800-561-7849, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we will be happy to serve you.

Changing my MasterCard PIN after January 31, 2017.
If you have a PIN change request, you may visit www.choicerewards.ca/branch-locator/index.form to find a credit union branch that offers PIN Services.

Report Lost or Stolen Meridian MasterCard cards
Call CUETS Financial
In North America, call 1-800-567-8111
From elsewhere in the world, call collect 1-306-566-1276

Check your MasterCard balance online
Click here to visit cucardsonline.com

* To be eligible for the new card, your account must be open and in good standing (i.e. have charging privileges) at the time the new card is being sent. Continue to use your current card until your new card arrives. The terms and conditions of your current credit card account, including any recent or future amendments, will apply to your replacement card. All account history (including existing balances and credits) will remain on your replacement card.
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