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Protecting What Matters

As an individual, family member, business owner or professional, we all want to protect what's important to us,
be it our health, family, lifestyle, assets or business. We want to ensure that our accomplishments and what we are working towards
is protected from the unexpected. Meridian has partnered with insurers that can help you with a variety of insurance needs. 

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Travel Insurance

A lot can happen when you're travelling or even when you’re simply shopping for the day across the border. You can get sick or injured, or you may have to interrupt your trip and return home. You should never leave home without adequate travel medical coverage because you need protection against those unforeseen and expensive medical emergencies. Meridian has arranged to make insurance policies available to its Members through a networking arrangement with a third party insurer.
Travel Insurance is available at your local branch during business hours. Or simply call Meridian’s Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226 to arrange for coverage over the phone. Travelling outside Canada and want to take local currency? Meridian meets your travel needs. We carry over 75 currencies available, for almost any country in the world.

If you're ready to go, purchase travel Insurance now and get the protection you need!

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Mortgage Protection / Creditor Insurance

Protect the investment in your home and your payments with group mortgage insurance (GMP).  Group Mortgage Protection is a monthly premium that helps safeguard your home in case of financial hardships including life, disability, or critical illness, for as long as you hold your mortgage.  To apply for GMP, call us at your local branch.  

Taking on a mortgage, loan or line of credit is a big commitment. Be prepared and feel secure knowing that your payments will be made, even if the unexpected should happen. Meridian offers creditor insurance that covers life, disability, critical illness and loss of employment. See our loans and lines or chat with your local Branch to learn more about Creditor Insurance. 

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Personal Planning

Meridian is pleased to offer our Members a variety of Planning Services through Credential Financial Inc.

Credential Financial and its affiliates are part of a national network of financial centres serving Credit Unions and their communities. Through the Credential Financial program, Members can receive professional service, quality financial products and dependable advice.

Credential Financial will work with you to develop strategies that are designed to help you achieve your goals. Our Planning Specialists can help you build a plan in situations such as the following:

With complex assets &/or complex family situations that are:

  • Concerned about how their investments and real estate will be taxed at death
  • Concerned about passing their wealth to their children or grandchildren
  • ​Interested in charitable gifting

That are self-employed, business owners and professionals who:

  • Are concerned about having group benefits (life, health, disability, dental, etc)
  • Want to ensure their debts are paid off when they die
  • Want to ensure they have adequate personal income in the event they become disabled
  • Want to ensure the continuation of their business in the event they or another key employee, shareholder or partner dies or becomes disabled
  • Need a properly drafted and funded buy/sell agreement or shareholders agreement
  • Is concerned about the tax liability when they’re business passes to the next generation
  • Wants to ensure their personal assets are protected from creditors
  • Has accumulated significant savings in their operating or holding company and plan to use the mon​ey for their retirement

Who own property other than a family home (cottage, farm, rental property, land) that:

  • Want a plan to ensure their cottage or other property can pass to the next generation, regardless of the tax consequences or family dynamics

That are nearly and newly retired who are:

  • Concerned about the loss of their employer sponsored group life and health insurance plans
  • Concerned about meeting their current and future expenses, with inadequate or no pension income

Speak with one of our Planning Specialists today.

What is Credential Financial?

Credential Financial Inc. and its affiliates operate in association with independent credit unions, such as Meridian - bringing their expertise and advice to the community and more than 1 million Members.

Talk to a Credential Financial Planning Specialist today! 

Accomplishing your goals is our priority.

E-mail: cfs@meridiancu.ca
Toll Free: 1-866-679-0589
Fax: 905-934-8049

At Meridian, we work to find solutions that are right for you and provide upfront, unbiased advice, so you can be rest assured that we recommend solutions that focus on your best interests.

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