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1-Year Cashable Term

Access a great rate, on your terms

The Meridian 1-Year cashable term GIC offers a tiered return on your money, depending on how long you keep it in there. It is ideal for businesses with some spare cash to invest but which may need access to the money for any unforeseen circumstances down the line.

Your money earns interest on the full balance if you hold money passed 90 days. Both your principal and the return rates are guaranteed. Your rates for early redemption are as follows:
  • If redeemed between 91-180 days, receive a rate of 1.40%
  • If redeemed between 181-364 days, receive a rate of 2.00%
  • FULL payout:  If redeemed after 364 days, receive a full rate of 2.50%
Minimum investment of $100 required*

1-Year Cashable Term: 2.50% GIC1-Year Cashable Term: 2.50% GIC

  • 2.50%Year 1

Open 1-Year
Cashable Term:
2.50% GIC

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