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Financial Resilience Score™

What if you had the tools you needed to feel more confident about the future?

Being resilient means facing obstacles with resolve, but doesn’t mean doing it alone. Admitting that sometimes we just need a little help isn’t weakness. It’s strength.

Financial wellness is about more than how much money you have in your account - it’s about how you feel about your finances and your future. Start improving your financial wellness by finding out where you stand with your Financial Resilience Score. It’s the perfect way to stress less and feel more confident.

Plus, it’s easy. Answer 13 questions to get your Financial Resilience Score in four key areas: saving, spending, borrowing and planning. We’ll tell you how you’re doing in each area, how you compare to other people in Ontario, and how you can improve.

You can do the survey as many times as you want and get a copy of your results each time to see how your score changes. Plus, talk to our experts about getting a personalized plan that helps you feel good about your finances.

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This product leverages the Financial Health Network FinHealth Score® Toolkit

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