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Financial Resilience Score™

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Financial Resilience Score™

What if you could achieve a better life by improving your financial well-being?

Financial wellness is about more than how much money you have - it’s the freedom to make choices that will make your life better.

Take our two-minute Financial Resilience survey to find out where you stand today and how you can improve. Then, connect with one of our advisors and get a personalized plan. Before long, you’ll be feeling good about your finances and your future.

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This product leverages the Financial Health Network FinHealth Score® Toolkit

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Meridian’s Financial Resilience Score TM survey is offered on this website by Meridian Credit Union. This tool is intended entirely for the benefit of the individuals using it. We only use the information entered by an individual completing the survey to provide that individual with results and resources to support their financial goals. If an individual requests a meeting with a Meridian Advisor to discuss their Financial Resilience Score, their information and results will be provided to the Advisor. Our only goal here is to help Member’s understand their personal finances and financial future by looking at their finances, habits, and needs as a whole.

Your use of this tool is governed by: (1) these Terms of Use, and (2) Meridian’s Privacy and Security Notice, which describes what information we collect from our users and how we may use it. Please review both agreements thoroughly. By using this survey, you agree to these terms. If you do not agree, do not use the survey.