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David Semerak

David Semerak


Investment Advisor

Meridian Credit Union

Aviso Wealth

The world of finance is constantly changing. New regulations, products and evolving landscapes make investing ever more complicated. What remains true is the question Members ask me every day: “How much do I need to reach my goals and how am I going to get there?”

As a Meridian Investment Advisor, I take the time to learn about your goals. I do this by listening, asking a lot of questions, examining your planning needs, and completing a retirement plan with you. Once your plan is in place, we can begin to create a roadmap and select the appropriate tools and products to help get you where you want to go. Regular reviews make sure you’re on track and allow us to make adjustments as life happens.

Through my 15 years in financial services I have always ensured that my skills remain current so that I can offer Members the best advice possible. And as a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), I’ll help you navigate the current financial landscape so you feel more confident about reaching your destination.

CIRO Advisor Report

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