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How to transfer money

How to transfer money

Move your money

Whether it’s from one account to another or from an ABM to your wallet, we make it easy to move your money and to access cash when you need it.

Interac e-Transfer®

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The convenient way (via online or mobile banking) to send, request and receive money directly from one bank account to another.

Set up Autodeposit to have whatever money you receive automatically deposited into your account.

Use Request Money to easily ask for payments via email notifications and receive funds in your account if/when recipients accept your requests.

  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Select Transfer
  3. Get Started
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Deposit Anywhere™

Safe, secure and easy to use with our Mobile App. Just snap a photo of your cheque (front and back) with your mobile device to deposit it directly into your account. 

Money Mover

Available in Online Banking or via our Mobile App, this free service allows you to link an external account so that you can easily transfer money between your Meridian account(s) and your account(s) at another Canadian financial institution. Once registered, you can transfer up to $10,000 per day.

To set up Money Mover, please complete the Money Mover Authorization Form​​ and return it by mail or to your nearest Meridian branch. Please note this service is for personal banking Members only.

Learn more about Money Mover

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