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Automated funds transfer

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Automated funds transfer

Faster and more convenient than cheques

Meridian’s Automated Funds Transfer Service (AFT) is the ideal way to take cheques out of your payments and receivables equation. It allows you to send and receive all recurring payments directly from or into your bank account. Once payments are pre-authorized, you no longer have to worry about them - they just happen, automatically.

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Save time

  • Once the pre-payment is authorized, your staff doesn’t have to approve it again
  • No cheques to write, distribute or mail
  • No need to spend time depositing cheques

Reduce errors

  • Payments happen every month automatically
  • Less chance of customers sending you the incorrect amount

Improve donation collections (for non-profits, charities and churches)

  •     Automated payments ensure regular donations
  •     Once set up, your donors can stop worrying about it
  •     No need to chase forgotten donations
  •     No need to manage, file and reconcile cheques

Save money

  • Meridian’s AFT service is typically between 25% and 50% less expensive than similar services offered by other financial institutions
  • Reduce admin and Canada Post costs associated with mailing cheques
  • Receive payments much quicker and get them working for you faster

Control your cash management

  • Time payments or receivables to keep money in your account for longer
  • Know exactly when the cash leaves your account


Keep your employees happy

  • Pay your staff on time and with immediate access to their salary
  • They never have to deposit cheques