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Secured Messages

Secured Messages

This guide outlines how to send Secured Messages through the Business Online Banking Platform. Secured Messaging allows you to communicate safely and securely with Meridian.

Ensure that you have logged into your online banking before following the below instructions.

Step 1: Navigate to your Secure Messaging Page

When you log into yourBusiness Online Banking, clickSecure Messages at the top ofthe screen to navigate to yoursecure messaging page.

Step 2: Retrieving and Replying to a message

When the small numbered bubble icon appears with the mail icon, this means there are unread secured messages in your inbox.

All new messages will appear at the top of the inbox and be white rather than grey. Click on the message to view it.

If there are any attachments foryour review, they will appear at thetop of the message.

You have the option to print themessage by clicking the Print icon,or return to your secure messagesinbox by clicking Back To Message.

By scrolling to the bottom of themessage, you can also reply to amessage by typing your responseinto the Reply field. Addattachments if necessary and thenclick the Send button.

Once submitted, your message willhave the same subject line as thesubject of the original message.

Step 3: Sending a New Message

To send a new Secured Message, click the New Message icon.

Select your Membership andenter your contact information.

Enter a subject line in the Subject field, and then type your message in the Text field below.

You can add an attachment byusing the Add Attachmentoption. You can up to 3 files witha maximum of 10MB for eachfile.

When you are ready to sendyour message, click the Sendbutton.

A confirmation will appear at the top of the page when a message has been successfully sent.