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Manage receivables - Electronic Data Interchange

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Manage receivables - Electronic Data Interchange

Helping you to attract and keep more happy customers

Offering your customers the widest possible selection of bill payment methods is essential, for customer retention and customer acquisition. Meridian’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Service registers you as a corporate creditor and enables you to become a bill payee so you can receive direct bill payments from every major Canadian financial institution, via online and telephone banking, and through ATMs.  It’s the perfect service for companies that issue monthly invoices to a high number of customers.

Save you money

  • Funds through the EDI Service are guaranteed, so no risk of NSFs
  • The money is in your account immediately, making you interest
  • Save in the costs of processing hundreds of cheques


Improve your cash flow

  • Fewer late payments, so the money is in your account sooner
  • Less chance of payments being lost or delayed in the mail
  • The money is available to you far faster than by cheque


Make your receivables process a lot simpler and faster to manage

  • Reduce the number of cheques to process or deposit
  • You have access to a single, streamlined report that consolidates money received from every financial institution