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Managing payroll

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Managing payroll

Payworks’ leading-edge automated payroll system - lower your stress at a lower price

As a growing business, once the number of your employees starts climbing over the 20-mark, payroll can become a time-consuming pain point. From working out every employee’s gross earnings, benefits, deductions as well as benefits, holiday and sick leave, not to mention garnishments; it takes a lot of calculations to get it right – both for your employees and your tax obligations.

Through our partner, Payworks, an award-winning payroll service provider, Meridian offers you a way of automating your entire payroll process, linked to your Meridian account, ensuring stress-free accuracy. Payworks promises a painless set-up process and comprehensive, ongoing customer service at a great price.

Reduce time spent administering payroll

  • After the initial set-up, the system itself is fully automated
  • Any changes are easy to make and can be done immediately – for an individual, a specific team or the entire company


Improve payroll accuracy

  • After the initial set-up, your new system works in parallel with the old one until 100% accuracy is achieved
  • You only need to input any changes - Payworks does the rest

Lead to happier employees

  • Staff receive their pay accurately and immediately in their bank account
  • All employees have online access to their pay stubs, T4s and time-off requests

Eliminate the stress of payroll management

  • A dedicated implementation specialist helps you switch over seamlessly and painlessly to Payworks
  • Once you’re up and running, your dedicated, accountable customer service rep will solve any issues with a fast turnaround time
  • All payroll is made automatically, on time, including all deductions and single employee anomalies like garnishments

Give you complete control over payroll administration and timing

  • You choose the exact time payroll leaves your account
  • Access is available from single or multiple locations
  • Multi user access is allowed and you choose each individual’s security level
  • Works with multiple business numbers
  • Highly customizable system that fits your unique needs and grows as you grow

Make compliance easy, with each and every payment

  • Government remittances are sent directly to the CRA
  • Legislative updates are made automatically
  • Secure and efficient system access with online data storage and archiving located in Canada, so no cross-border data issues




Typically, Payworks Payroll costs between 20 to 30% less than comparable products.
Meridian Members get an additional 20% discount.