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Coming Soon: A New Credit Card Experience

The NEW Meridian Visa* card is here!

A new card and better experience

The biggest change to our credit cards is that Meridian will become a direct issuer of Visa. As of October 9, 2022, Collabria will no longer issue or manage Meridian Visa* credit cards. Meridian will have direct oversight of card servicing and operations. This means that you get the same features and benefits, but with an improved credit card experience.

Already have a Meridian credit card? You can learn more about the upcoming changes:

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Key highlights

Continue to enjoy competitive rewards
Your reward points will transfer to your new credit card account. Continue enjoying the great features that have made our cards award winners.
credit cards coming out of a wallet
New card design
The card’s new vertical design makes contactless tap payments faster and easier. Plus, some cards come with cool new pearl or metallic finishes.
Meridian representative giving information
New customer service & online experience
New customer service phone lines, plus an enhanced online banking experience that lets you lock or unlock your card if it’s misplaced. Plus, new features for business owners.

Blackout dates

We are briefly pausing credit card applications while we make these improvements. Not to worry though, you’ll soon be able to apply for a Meridian credit card and discover all the great benefits.

What if you felt rewarded for your day-to-day spending?

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We offer a full range of personal and business credit cards. Whether you want great rewards, comprehensive insurance coverage, or a simple starter card, we have an option that can help prepare for life’s “what ifs.”

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