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Hiring top talent starts with an action plan


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Economic pressures, new ways of working, and a labour shortage have made it harder for companies to recruit top talent.

For business owners, this has created intense competition for qualified workers. For job seekers, it’s a time to look for opportunities that align with their values and expectations.

Stand out from the crowd with a solid hiring plan

To stand out from the crowd and attract the best candidates for your next posting, it pays to have a plan that focuses on innovative hiring tactics, includes a clear explanation of your company culture, and details a commitment to ongoing development.

Here are 4 tips for creating your hiring action plan:

1. Assess your current talent pool

Once you identify a role to fill, ask yourself whether there’s someone on your team who can grow into the position with a little coaching and mentoring. They may not think they’re qualified until you point it out and encourage them to stretch into a new role. Check out 3 key tips for keeping top employees.

If you can’t identify a suitable candidate from the team roster, it’s time to spread the word and call for applications.

2. Write a clear description of the job

If your job descriptions could be used by your competitors, delete them and start fresh. Show how you’re different and why people should consider giving you their time and energy. Anticipate the kinds of questions today’s workers are asking and answer them up front.

If you have a diversity and inclusion policy, make it part of your job description. Job seekers are looking for employers who understand that a diverse workplace is better for people and profit.

3. Champion your culture

Be honest about your company culture and you’ll likely attract the right kind of candidates. People want to know who you are, not just what you do.

  • Are you a formal or informal workplace?
  • What benefits and perks set you apart from other companies?
  • Are you a team-centric structure or one of individual performers?
  • What charities and organizations do you support?
  • Do you have a mission statement that people can relate to?

These are all things that prospective employees look for in today’s job market.

4. Plan for a smooth start

Hiring is not the end of a process, it’s the beginning of a relationship. Help new recruits understand what to expect when they join your team. It all begins with a thoughtful approach to managing their early days on the team. And there’s plenty of proof that first impressions really matter. Research by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 69% of workers are more likely to remain with their employer for at least three years if they feel welcomed and properly familiarized with their job and the company from the start.

Here are a few strategies to make those first few days and months seamless, stress-free, and rewarding for your new hire.

Strategies for welcoming a new hire

When What to do
Before they join

Make sure the tech is set up and working

Set up email accounts with temporary passwords and authorize access to any file-sharing servers your new employees may need. If they require specialized equipment, make sure it’s ready when they arrive.

Have a plan for the first few days

Arrange meetings ahead of time if recruits need to meet with HR to sign up for payroll and benefits.

Once they've settled in

Plan a team welcome lunch

Lunch is always a great way to meet new co-workers and start building relationships. If something off site is not realistic, plan for a team get-together or have lunch brought in.

Pair them with a co-worker

Connect new hires with experienced employees so they have somewhere to turn when they have questions about how things work or who does what inside your company.

Implement job shadowing

When a new person is taking on an established role in the company, let them shadow someone who already does it well. This way, they learn the right way to get things done, they’re exposed to the company culture, and they quickly learn about the impact their role makes on the overall business.

Every little bit helps

When you do a great job of telling your company story, when you look within for underdeveloped talent, and when you make new recruits feel welcome from day one, word spreads. It doesn’t take long to gain a reputation as the kind of thoughtful and caring company many employees seek. For more ideas about running and building your business, and a range of helpful resources, check out the Meridian Business Sense blog.

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