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Small Business Month Contest 2021

Nominate a business that deserves to win $15,000

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have faced unprecedented challenges throughout COVID-19. We’ve all heard the stories. A family-run restaurant offering meal kits for festive occasions. An enterprising contractor designing backyard home offices. A distillery brewing up hand sanitizer, donating portions to local clinics and shelters. These stories are a beacon of hope, and they make us proud to serve so many Canadian businesses. 

Now, to celebrate Small Business Month, we’re asking you to help us recognize a deserving Ontario businesses!

First prize: $15,000

If the business you nominate wins, you get $500*

Second prize: $10,000

Third prize: $5,000

How the contest works

  • Nominate a business you feel has demonstrated resilience, innovation, and community spirit.
  • Please submit your nomination by October 31, 2021.
  • Only businesses based in Ontario are eligible.
  • If the business you nominate wins, you will receive $500*

Nominate a Business

Can I nominate any business?

Any business based in Ontario is eligible. The business does not need to be a Member of Meridian Business Banking. We welcome all nominations.

How will Meridian choose a winner?

A panel of Meridian business experts will create a shortlist of nominated businesses and determine the first, second, and third prize winners based on how they demonstrate these qualities: resilience, innovation, and community involvement.

Looking for better business banking?

At Meridian, we’re interested in your business story. In addition to great products and services that help you manage your business, we offer personalized, expert advice.

Connect with an advisor

If you are having trouble submitting a nomination or have received an error message please email your nomination along with all required fields to