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The mortgage you need, for the home you'll love

Great rates and expert advice

What if you could feel confident about buying a home in a competitive market? What if there was a mortgage flexible enough to get you into your dream home sooner? With great rates, flexible payments, tons of options, and personalized advice, we’re making home ownership a reality for more Canadians.

Feeling good about your mortgage and your home starts here. Together we’ll get you ready for all your life’s “what ifs.”

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Featured Mortgage Offers

Fixed Rate Mortgage

5 Year Closed High Ratio


Fixed Rate Mortgage

5-Year Closed


Flex Line Mortgage

Add a home equity line of credit at


to a fixed or variable rate mortgage

Variable rate mortgage

5-Year Closed High Ratio


Want to do the math?

Find out how much mortgage you can afford or figure out your mortgage payment with our helpful calculators.


Get personalized advice

Our Mortgage Specialists can tell you more about how to get a mortgage and give you expert advice on becoming a home owner.

What kind of mortgage do you want?

Fixed rate mortgages

Lock in a great rate and enjoy interest and payments that stay the same even if the market shifts.

Variable rate mortgages

With a rate that goes up or down depending on the market, you could save on interest.

High ratio mortgages

Buy with less than 20% down to get into the market faster. Great for first-time buyers.

Construction mortgages

Build from scratch or improve a fixer-upper with options designed for construction and renovation.

I want something more flexible

We're all about making sure you can find a accessible, affordable mortgage that fits your life. Here's how.

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Flex Line Mortgage

An all-in-one mortgage and home equity line of credit. As you pay down your mortgage you get more access to the equity in your home to use however you want.

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Friends and Family Mortgage

Join forces with your family or friends to buy a home. You can apply this option to any Meridian mortgage. A great choice for people who don’t belong to a conventional two-income family.

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Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage

The Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage is the perfect solution if you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur or self-employed. We understand small businesses, and we’ll work with you to make home ownership possible. You deserve a great mortgage - we can help you get one!

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The Meridian Hybrid Mortgage

An innovative loan and mortgage mix that makes it easier to qualify for the mortgage you want, sooner. Perfect for recent graduates or professionals with a 20% down payment, and future income potential.

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