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Compare interest calculator

Compare interest calculator


Your Savings Options

Compare options and calculate how
much you could save in one year.


Competitor details


Interest earned on $30,000
investment in a year

High Interest Savings Account (HISA) @0.5%  
1-year Cashable GIC @1.40%  
3-year Raise the Rate GIC @1.80%  
Competitor rate @ 


And here's another great option!
18-Month GIC at 4.70%

Find the GIC that suits your investment needs.
Learn more about different types of Meridian GICs

Piggy bank with dollar bills

In just one year on a $30,000 investment, you can earn

$150.37 interest from a HISA

$450.00 interest from a 1-year Cashable GIC

$630.00 interest from a 3-year RTR GIC

interest from a competitor account