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Get ready for “What if…?”

We won’t promise you everything is going to be all right. We won’t tell you to live a more carefree life. We won’t guarantee every ambition is possible with just the right plan.

That’s not real.

What we will do is help you plan, prepare, and gain perspective on every real ‘what if’ life may throw at you. So that when things are challenging, or pleasantly surprising, your ‘what if’ feels more like what you’re ready for.

But why should you believe us?

Banks often say they are here to help and they claim to put their customers first. But how can they? Sure, your individual advisor may care, but banks1 are public companies. Their primary responsibility is to deliver a return on investment for their shareholders.

What if we said, that’s not us?

When we say that our guiding principle is to put the well-being of our Members first, it’s exactly that. Not marketing speak. We’re owned by our Members – our responsibility is to them. Yes, it’s imperative that we offer competitive, innovative products and services, but we believe it’s our job to do more.

Beyond financial, we want to understand our Members’ goals; for their families, their businesses, and their communities. We want to talk openly about the stresses life can bring – the what if’s – and the need to build a plan, be prepared, and gain perspective. This is our chance to prove it.

What if we do what we say?

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When it comes to improving financial wellness, not all financial institutions are created equal.

According to a recent poll, less than 42% of Canadians say that their financial institution makes a positive difference in their financial wellness. And just 39% say their financial institution helps them achieve a better life2. What if we could strive for better?

93% of our Members say we’ve made a positive difference in their financial well-being*.

What if you could feel good about your finances? Financial well-being is defined as the ability to meet your financial needs, a feeling of security, and the freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy your life. By providing the right tools, advice and products, our Members have a strong foundation to leap from.

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92% of our Members and business owners feel Meridian helps them achieve a better life.*

What if your well-being truly came first? We know there’s a direct correlation between financial health and overall mental and physical well-being. Our goal is to understand and support our Members across all aspects of their lives.

Our job is to help you get ready for life’s “what ifs.”

We all experience stress. Stress doesn’t differentiate by wealth, ethnicity, gender, or geography.
We can’t eliminate it, but we can plan, prepare, and try to gain perspective.

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Build a plan

Think ahead — form a plan and anticipate the possibilities.

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Be prepared

Learn the tools and skills that can help you navigate through stress and adapt when plans change.


Gain perspective

Look at stress in a broader way — try to focus on what is within your control, and recognize that time is a powerful tool.

It’s a journey. And it starts here.

Living up to our role as partner, advisor, and supporter is a big commitment – and one we take seriously. We know we have work to do if we’re going to truly support Members across all aspects of their lives.

We’ll continue to re-evaluate ourselves, and push ourselves to do more. And through this journey we ask that you hold us accountable. Let us know when we’ve fallen short, and when we’ve got it right. The road to resilience and well-being is a long one, and like you, we can’t do it alone.

Take the first step

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Financial wellness is about more than how much money you have in your account - it’s about how you feel about your finances and your future. Start improving your financial wellness by finding out where you stand with your Financial Resilience Score.

What Members are saying

Member since 2010


I have always had courteous, helpful, accurate advice and service from the Meridian representatives, and the web banking platform is outstanding and comprehensive.

Member since 2020


I have had my faith and trust renewed in doing my banking with Meridian! Amazing customer service and respect like no other.

Member since 2017


I’m always treated well by employees and feel secure with Meridian’s services. I’ll be looking for Meridian’s guidance as I move into retirement.

We’re already a part of your community

We have a role to play that goes beyond financial services. Our commitment to communities is rooted in this fundamental belief. Empowering and contributing to the communities in which we live and work is part of our DNA.

Making home ownership more affordable

Through partnerships with not-for-profit organizations such as Trillium Housing and Options for Homes, we’re bringing innovative solutions to our Members, and making home ownership a reality for more Canadians.

Partnering with charities and non-profits

Each year, our local teams partner with over 400 charities and non-profits – all working to build more resilient communities across Ontario. We also amplify our employees' commitment to giving and volunteering by matching their donations and rewarding their volunteer hours.

Investing in physical and mental well-being

Well-being is about much more than finances. That’s why we invest in organizations like Capitalize for Kids, HelpAge Canada, and Food4Kids Ontario – groups who are continuously working to build resilient minds and bodies.

Investment in youth education

The Sean Jackson Scholarship recognizes and rewards exemplary community initiative among Ontario youth. Each year, we award an Ontario high graduate who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to their community.

Tools, products, and knowledge that can empower you.

What if you were financially resilient?

Take a quick survey to get your financial resilience score and learn how you can improve.

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What if you could afford a home?

Find out how much mortgage you can afford, and what your mortgage payments will be.

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What if you could reach a savings goal?

Calculate how much you need to save for a specific goal, and how long it will take to get there.

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What if you could retire sooner?

Calculate how much you should save for retirement based on your income, age, and retirement date.

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What if you could afford your dream home with your current salary?

Alternative mortgage solutions are a Meridian mainstay. Get into your dream home sooner with the Meridian Hybrid Mortgage.

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What if you could repair and rebuild your credit?

Credit restoration is just one of the ways we’re working with Members to improve their financial well-being.

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What if I could be more resilient?

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What if I could be more mindful about money?

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What if I’m stressed about debt?

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A strong foundation can prepare you for all of life’s what ifs. With the right plan, you could even be living your best life.
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