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Ready for what if


What if you could make your business more resilient?

Our job is to help you and your business get ready for life’s “what ifs”

Whether you’re starting a business, taking steps to expand, or transitioning to something new, we’re here to help. As your business banking partner, we’ll help you plan, prepare, and gain perspective on every real ‘what if’ life may throw at you.

It’s a journey, and we’re with you along the way

Hear from our business Members about how we’re supporting their businesses – in many cases, stepping in to offer financing where traditional banks won’t. 

From development and construction to franchising and healthcare, we’re helping more Members start, manage, and grow their businesses.

Building community, together

Mark Basciano, president and owner of the Mountainview Building Group, is passionate about building homes for people. He’s also immensely grateful to work with partners that have an impact on communities – like Meridian. This is his story.

Length (1:22) Transcript
Financing a Popeye’s franchise in St. Catharines

When Anjum Aziz, a business owner in St. Catharines, was about to open a new franchise the financial institution he’d been working with suddenly cancelled his loan. Meridian stepped up and provided financing within a week. Here’s his story.

Length (1:28) Transcript
Continuing a legacy

Dr. Judene Smith, owner of Smith family dentistry, was able to continue her father’s work and legacy in part because of a second opinion from Meridian about the true value of her business. This is her story.

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Spotlight on starting, growing, and transitioning a business

Whether you’re just getting started or developing a succession plan, the health and well-being of your business is paramount. 

As your partner in business, we have the tools and resources to help you make smarter, more informed decisions, and empower you as a business owner.

Building resilient communities through strategic partnerships

From housing accessibility to financial literacy, we’re working to address some of the key challenges facing communities today. Discover how we’re building resilient communities through strategic partnerships, volunteerism, and employee giving.


More tools, products, and insights to help you build your resilience

What if you knew which type of portfolio was right for you?
Determine what type of investor you are, and which portfolio makes sense for you.
What if you could retire sooner?
Use our calculator to run the numbers and find out if you have enough money to retire.
What if you could improve your credit rating?
Learn about building a good credit rating, how to review your credit report, and more.
What if you could start your own business?
From accounts, to financing and cash management, find advice and insights to get your new business off the ground.
What if your kids want to go to university?
An RESP is the best way to save for a child’s post-secondary education. Find out how much you could save with our RESP calculator.
What if you could be debt free?
Eliminating debt is possible. Find out how to identify the warning signs and take the steps needed to get out of debt.
Learn how solve a debt problem

A strong foundation can help you prepare for life’s “what ifs”

With the right plan, you could even be living your best life. Let’s get you there, together. Give us a call or find a branch and book a meeting

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