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Transcript: Bruce Sellery's Introduction to the Moolala Webinar

Transcript: Bruce Sellery's Introduction to the Moolala Webinar

Length: 32 seconds



Bruce Sellery, Credit Canada CEO and CBC Money Columnist


This is an introduction to Bruce’s Moolala webinar. The video opens to show Bruce on the sunny porch of a cottage surrounded by trees. There are deck chairs, potted plants, and a barbeque. Bruce is smiling and wearing a purple collared shirt.



Hello, I’m Bruce Sellery, I’m the money columnist for CBC Radio and for Cityline, and I am really excited about this event we’re going to be doing for Meridian Credit Union and you should register for it - like right now - register for it!

On screen: Bruce points down, as if pressing a button

[Bruce] Here’s why.

On screen: Bruce raises one finger.

[Bruce] You are going to get clarity on your finances.

On screen: Bruce raises two fingers.

[Bruce] You are going to develop a super simple plan to get in action, and

On screen: Bruce raises three fingers.

[Bruce] You are going to be inspired to get off your duff in a new and fascinating way! Register right now! Then, go back to the amazing relaxation of that grill!

On screen: Camera pans to the barbeque, which Bruce points to over his shoulder, grinning.

End of video.