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Estate Planning and Settlement Services

Estate Planning and Settlement Services

Financial confidence when you need it most

Estate planning: all you need to know

Whether you are planning your own estate or acting as executor of an estate for a loved one, you likely have more questions than answers. We’re here to help.

At Meridian, we partner with tech-forward companies to offer best-in-class financial solutions. For estate planning services, we’re proud to partner with ClearEstate – your one-stop-shop for estate planning and settlement needs.

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Why is estate planning so important?

Estate planning offers clarity for your loved ones, while making it easy for them to fulfill your wishes. With smart decisions and clear guidelines, estate planning protects your family by reducing tax burdens, fees and allowing your assets to be transferred efficiently.

A valid will is only the starting point – an estate planning advisor can help you make smart decisions regarding executorship, guardianship, powers of attorney, trusts, distribution and more.

ClearEstate: Human-led online estate planning and estate settlement services

At Meridian, we’re proud to partner with ClearEstate, a reliable, cost-effective solution for those thinking about their own estate or helping to settle the estate of a loved one.

Whether you’re planning ahead or wondering how to move forward, you may have plenty of estate planning and settlement questions. ClearEstate offers end-to-end support through the combination of highly trained professionals and state-of-the-art technology, saving you time and money, while reducing stress and uncertainty.

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