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Meridian’s Business Online Banking makes it easy to manage all of your financial needs from your desk or anywhere via mobile.  From paying bills and taxes to transferring funds, viewing transaction histories and setting user access controls, Meridian has made it simple for you to do it all.

Small Business Online Banking and Business Online Banking

Meridian offers two online banking options to fit your business needs.
Depending on your business size and needs we can help you determine which platform is best for you.

Do your Business Banking, anywhere

Save time and money

  • Access your account information and complete transactions without having to travel to your branch
  • Pay all of your bills and taxes with just a couple of clicks
  • Transfer funds in seconds
  • Electronic payments cut down on the costs of preparing, processing and reconciling cheques

improve your accounting processes

  • View your full transaction history
  • Make bulk payments and transfers in minutes
  • Stop payments with the click of a mouse
  • View cheque images for easy reconciliation
  • Reduce the number of cheques you have to write and process

Give you complete control over your bank account access

  • One and two signer accounts
  • View multiple businesses with one log-in
  • Have an unlimited number of users
  • Set transaction limits per individual user
  • User access controls allow you to restrict access to certain features or accounts

Business Online Banking Members can now accept Interac e-Transfer®

  • Automatically accept Interac e-Transfers from your customers or other businesses as a payment option for invoices and other accounts receivable
  • When enabled, any funds sent via Interac e-Transfer to the email address you have specified will be automatically deposited to your business account - no need to answer a security question! 
  • Set up to 100 Interac e-Transfer® Autodeposit email addresses

Note: e-Transfers will only be accepted from other Autodeposit supported financial institutions. If the sender’s bank does not have Autodeposit, the transfer will expire in 30 days and be automatically returned back to their account, or, they can cancel the transaction where they may incur a reclaim fee from their financial institution. Alternatively, they can still send money to your account through Automatic Funds Transfer, cheques, or adding your business as a biller. For a list of participating financial institutions, please see this link.


If you are already a Business Online Banking Member,
it’s free to set up and use.