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Whether you’re new to digital banking, or just need a refresher, we’re here to make your everyday banking as simple as possible.

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Toll free: 1-866-592-2226
International collect: 1-416-597-0165
Monday to Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM (EST/EDT)


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If you’re already a Meridian member, you can send us a secure message by signing into online banking. Please use this method for account-related questions or any inquiries involving your personal financial information. Unlike email, this is totally secure. Once you’ve signed in, look for the “secure message” tab at the top of the screen.

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Complaint process

MeridianTM is committed to providing you with the best Member experience that we can.

If you have a complaint or concern, please follow our easy 3-step Member Complaint Handling Procedures (“MCHP”). We’ll work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

  • Step 1: Talk to your Branch, Wealth or Business Banking Representative

    You can resolve most complaints by talking to the representative you’ve been dealing with. If you aren’t satisfied with how they handle your complaint you can refer the complaint to the representative’s manager.
    How to contact your Branch, Wealth, or Business Banking representative
    Call your home branch directly. You can find branch contact information with our Branch Locator.
    Get in touch with your branch through our Contact Centre
    Call Toll Free: 1-866-592-2226. Select option 1 (request your Home Branch)
    Call International Collect: 1-416-597-0165
    Email: MeridianContactCentre@meridiancu.ca

  • Step 2: Contact your Branch Manager

    If you aren’t satisfied with how your Branch, Wealth, or Business Banking representative (or that individual's manager) handles your complaint, contact the Branch Manager.
    How to contact your Branch Manager
    Call your home branch directly. You can find branch contact information with our Branch Locator.
    Get in touch with your branch through our Contact Centre
    Call Toll Free: 1-866-592-2226. Select option 1 (request your Home Branch)
    Call International Collect: 1-416-597-0165
    Email: MeridianContactCentre@meridiancu.ca

  • Step 3: Contact Member Relations

    If your complaint has not been resolved within the first two steps of Meridian’s MCHP, please submit it in writing to the Member Relations Office. This office works closely with Members and relevant Meridian business units to investigate complaints. They are committed to helping everyone reach a fair, reasonable and transparent resolution.
    How to contact Member Relations
    Website: meridiancu.ca/ContactMemberRelations
    Member Relations Office
    75 Corporate Park Drive
    St. Catharines, ON L2S 3W3
    Once we get your complaint in writing we’ll send you an acknowledgement within two business days. If your complaint is within the Member Relations Office's mandate and has been through the first two steps of the MCHP, we’ll start a full investigation. Most investigations conclude within 4 to 6 weeks and you will get a resolution or recommendation in writing. Any recommendations are non-binding and parties are free to accept or reject them and pursue other options for resolution.
    Some matters fall outside of the Member Relations Office’s mandate. These include: credit granting policies or lending decisions; matters of policy such as interest rates, service fees and account closures; issues that are in litigation or have been decided by the courts; and transactions for which the Meridian’s records no longer exist (typically seven years).

  • Additional Resources

    If you want more information or are still not satisfied after receiving the Member Relations Office’s decision, the following external agencies can provide you with information and a further review of your complaint.

    Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)
    If you are not satisfied with the recommendation made by our Member Relations Office, you can refer your complaint to the FSRA, an independent external regulator for Ontario-based Financial Institutions, for further review.
    Telephone: 416-250-7250
    Toll free: 1-800-668-0128  
    Website: https://www.fsrao.ca/
    Financial Services Regulatory Authority
    5160 Yonge Street, 16th Floor
    Toronto, Ontario M2N 6L9

    Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)
    The OPC oversees compliance with Canada's privacy laws, and you can contact them at any time with a privacy complaint.
    Toll-free: 1-800-282-1376
    Online Form: On the OPC website
    Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
    30 Victoria Street
    Gatineau, Quebec K1A 1H3
    Note: Please do not include any confidential information as email correspondence is not guaranteed to be secure.

Questions about privacy?

If you have questions about privacy, please send us an email.

Alternatively, you can speak to a Meridian representative at the branch or call our Contact Centre.

Read our privacy policy


Concerns about email or text message fraud

We'll never contact you via phone or email to ask for personal information or account details. If you’re ever concerned about "phishing" or other suspicious activity, please contact us right away at: OnlineBankingSecurity@meridiancu.ca.

Read our 100% Security Guarantee

Meridian Visa Card support services

Our dedicated Cardholder Service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help answer your questions whenever they arise. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Canada and the U.S. 1-855-341-4643
International Collect 1-647-252-9564

Frequently asked questions

  • I’m locked out of online and mobile banking. What should I do?

    You can unlock your account by resetting your password. From the Meridian home page, select the “forgot your password” link from the sign in module, and follow the prompts to create a new password.

    If you find you’re still having difficulty signing in, simply give us a call at 1-866-592-2226.

  • How do I register for Meridian Online or Mobile Banking?

    If you have a desktop computer, a laptop, or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, you can bank digitally. To sign in, you’ll need your Member number and the temporary password provided when you opened your account. If you don’t have this information, please call our Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226.

    If you’re ready to get started, our Bank from Home guides can help you register and sign in for the first time.

    View the online guide
    View the mobile guide

  • I’m going on vacation and need to ensure that my credit or debit card won’t be flagged for unusual activity. What should I do?

    If you’re going on vacation, you can call our Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226, and advise us of your upcoming travel plans.

    Meridian debit cardholders can sign in to online banking, and send us a secure message including the following details:

    1. Dates

    2. Location- whether within or outside of Canada

    3. Last 4 digits of debit card


    Important: each account holder should sign into their own online banking session to report details.

    Additionally, Meridian credit card holders can set up an alert in online banking through MyCardInfo- or call Collabria directly.

  • How do I skip a mortgage payment?

    If you’re having trouble making a payment on your mortgage or loan, we’re here to help. We can tailor a solution to your individual circumstances, and one possible approach is skipping a payment. You can request to skip a payment online, through your mortgage or loan payment options, or by calling our Contact Centre at 1-866-592-2226.

    Learn more about skipping a mortgage payment