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1-Year Cashable GIC for Business

Invest and earn 0.70%1 interest without risking your business savings

Benefits of a 1-Year Cashable GIC


Access your money any time your business needs it, with no penalty. No need to lock away your profits.

Great savings

Earn more interest on your hard-earned cash with our very competitive rate of 0.70%.


Breathe easier knowing there’s no risk to all you’ve built with a guaranteed investment insured by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).2.

This is a great option for you if:

  • You want short-term savings with a great interest rate

  • You want the option to access your money any time

  • You have a minimum of $100 to invest

Open 1-Year Cashable GIC now



If cashed out before 90 days: 0.00%
Between 91-364 days: 0.50%
At maturity (1 year): 0.70%

Minimum investment


Accessing your cash

You can access your cash anytime, with no penalty


  • Interest is paid at maturity, or when the GIC is cashed out.

  • You earn more interest the longer you keep your money invested – up to 0.70%.

  • ​If you withdraw funds within the first 90 days, no interest is paid.


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