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Good Neighbour Program

Good Neighbour Program

What the program is all about

Meridian exists to help Canadians achieve a better life and one of the ways we do so is through investing in organizations that strengthen the resilience of our communities.

The Good Neighbour Program is our local non-profit sponsorship program. Through this program, Meridian forges partnerships with local charities, not-for-profits, and public organizations so that we can work together to meet each community’s needs.

Our community sponsorship decisions are made by our local teams to address the unique needs of each of our communities. If your application is eligible, it will be reviewed by our nearest branch or region for consideration.


We fund:

  • Organizations that are registered charities or not-for-profits
  • Projects or programs that take place in communities where Meridian has a business presence
  • Charitable organizations that provide direct community benefit

We do not fund:

  • Individuals
  • Sports teams
  • Political organizations
  • Private or Corporate Foundations
  • Private (fee based) elementary or secondary schools
  • Religious or sectarian programs or purposes, unless they are engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community

Evaluation criteria

Meridian evaluates funding applications based on:

  • Whether the organization is helping to build resilient communities in one if not more of the following three areas: financial, mental, or physical well-being
  • Whether the organization provides unique services to underserved communities
  • Whether the organization is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment that is representative of the communities and markets with which we do business
  • The organization’s ability to provide direct-impact programming to the end-user

How much is a reasonable request

Please consider the following information when considering how much to request in your application:

  • Requests for our local teams range between $500 - $5000
  • For multi-district, regional or provincial, requests range between $5000 - $10,000
  • If you are seeking the opportunity to explore a strategic partnership above and beyond the amounts outlined, please email Please note, these opportunities will be managed relative to Meridian’s strategic pillars and only those that are aligned to these pillars will be explored further

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