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At Meridian, Everyone is a Risk Manager

At Meridian, Everyone is a Risk Manager

Risk management is everyone’s responsibility

That’s our motto. We believe risk management is everyone’s responsibility, and we’re proud of our overall risk culture. We actively work with every level of the organization to ensure understanding and compliance. We’ve also created an innovative way to encourage our employees to participate in supporting activities to enhance the program and balance risk/rewards activities.

Highlighted on our Intranet site, MNet, Meridian has created an Enterprise Risk Management section that covers all things risk, including operational risk, business continuity and insurance. Our unique approach focuses on sustainable growth and the well-being of our Members rather than financial returns. Courses are available to all staff, and the level of engagement is very high, with 70% of employees visiting the Risk Management MNet Portal.

To generate excitement, Meridian holds quarterly ERM trivia contests that focus on handling risk in the workplace, covering topics such as fraud, information security and more. We also executed a Risk Culture survey to establish a baseline measure of the risk culture at Meridian. We actively improve our risk control processes and procedures based on employee feedback and management input.