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Price Drop

Price Drop

  You shop. We look for lower prices. You save!

Saving money is easy with Price Drop - especially when you’re shopping online. Just submit receipts in the app or through email and we’ll look for bargains and price reductions. If we find a better price, you can claim your money back from the retailer. Plus, over 40 of our retailers, including Lowe's, Hudson’s Bay, and Home Depot, will refund you automatically for online purchases! Check out our retailers.

Price Drop is free, with no fees and no limits on the number of receipts you can submit, or the refunds you can get. And it saves our Members money - here’s the proof*:

  • Members who have gotten at least one deal: 1,255
  • Total savings we’ve found for Members: $35,356 
  • Number of items Price Drop is currently tracking: 500

*As of August 27, 2021

Price Drop has won the CCUA Innovation Award and the 2021 Finopotamus Tekkie Award for Core Integration for all the amazing benefits it brings to our Members. To celebrate, sign up for this award winning service in the mobile banking app and start saving!

CCUA National Award Winner Innovation Award 2020

Finopotamus 2011 Tekkie award

How to use Price Drop

Price Drop checks your receipts against prices from over 150 of Canada's most popular retailers every day for as long as the receipt allows us to. Set up Price Drop and start saving money in three easy steps.

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Step 1: Tell us what you bought

Take a photo of your receipt using the Meridian App. You can also forward online receipts to Just make sure you’ve shared your email address with us in Price Drop Settings.

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Step 2: We search for lower prices

We’ll look for better prices on electronics, furniture, toys, apparel, and other eligible items from Price Drop supported retailers.

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Step 3: You save money

If we find you savings, we’ll email you or send an in-app notification. For online receipts, some retailers will refund you automatically! For others, we’ll provide the proof you need to get the difference in cost back from the retailer.

Get the most out of Price Drop

Here are some quick tips to help you out:

  • We don’t price match everything – gas, groceries, and entertainment aren’t eligible, for example.
  • Get in the habit of submitting your receipts all the time. Take a photo when you get them or forward receipts right to the Price Drop email.
  • You can use Price Drop for purchases made with cash, debit, and credit - even with non-Meridian cards!
  • Be patient! On average, we’ll find you a better price 25% of the time – and some Members have received up to $500 on a single item! So don’t give up on using Price Drop if we don’t find lower prices right away.


Price Drop works with popular retailers