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Video transcript: Continuing a legacy


"I’m Dr. Judene Smith, I’m the owner of Smith Family Dentistry.

My father was a dentist. He brought home a little pink plastic dental mirror for me, and I would play with my dolls teeth and fix my dolls teeth. After my dad passed away, I decided that I wanted to take on the business. I really wanted to make sure that my dads values continued. He made it seem fun while treating people ethically. I always say my dad didn’t treat peoples mouths only he treated the person. Honestly, I feel like Meridian knows that.

My business was undervalued. I called up Meridian and right away the experience was very different. They took the time to look into the evaluation and they were able to give me what I needed. Work life balance is really important for me and I knew I wanted to spend some time with my kids. What if I didn’t get that second opinion from Meridian. It would have been an absolute tragedy to not have my dads legacy continued. For that I’m forever grateful.”

Continuing a legacy

Transcript for video about how Meridian helped Dr. Judene Smith, owner of Smith family dentistry, evaluate her family business.

Length (1:10)