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Ontario Chamber of Commerce offers

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Ontario Chamber of Commerce offers

Meridian has partnered with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to help you grow your business with exclusive banking offers and fantastic perks for your employees.

Grow your business

Transfer your day-to-day business banking to Meridian to take advantage of this great offer.

$200 welcome bonus*

Redeem on a range of our great products and services.

No-fee daily banking

No monthly service fee on your business chequing account for one year.

30% off service fees

After the first year, save 30% on service fees for your business chequing account for as long as you’re a Chamber member.

Get started

Wondering where to find your local branch?

Find your local branch

If you feel like you’re too far away from a branch to take us up on this offer - don’t worry! You can still take advantage of Meridian's market-leading equipment leasing and financing options available across Ontario through Meridian OneCap.

Fill out the form and speak to an advisor to find out more.

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An exclusive offer for your employees

When you sign up with Meridian, you and your employees can take advantage of this personal banking offer.

No-fee daily banking

Pay no monthly service fee on any of our great chequing accounts for the first year.

$250 cash back

Transfer or open a new mortgage or home equity line of credit with Meridian and get $250 cash back.

You also get:

  • 1% cash bonus of up to $250 when you transfer registered investments to Meridian
  • Any of our VISA personal credit cards, with no annual fee for the first year
  • Your first cheque order for free
  • A complimentary portfolio review with one of our investment experts

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