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The Meridian Eco-Upgrade Project

The Meridian
Eco-Upgrade Project

Granting eco-upgrades to support sustainable small business

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In honour of Earth Month, we’re helping businesses become more eco-friendly. Small businesses can have a big impact on the environment – that’s why we’re giving away over $30,000 in total to business operators who apply for eco-upgrades. Let’s build a more sustainable community together.

Any business can apply, you do not need to be a Meridian Member. We will grant as many requests as we can, within our budget.

What’s an eco-upgrade?

Hand replacing a lightbulb

How your business operates will determine what kind of environmentally changes you could make. Here are a few examples:

  • Upgrade lighting with energy-efficient LEDs and motion sensors.
  • Switch to a smart thermostat.
  • Swap out your packaging with a reusable or compostable alternative.
  • Fix plumbing leaks and upgrade to high efficiency toilets and appliances to cut down on water usage.
  • Invest in a smart composter.
  • Start using eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Upgrade appliances and electronics to take advantage of energy-efficient options, like using a laptop instead of a desktop computer.
  • Switch to an electronic system for paperwork and receipts.
  • Use alternative energy sources for power – like solar, wind, or water power.

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How Meridian grants requests

Female barista smiling holding two compostable coffee cups

Once we determine that we can grant a eco-upgrade request, we will connect with our local branches and business advisors to source any materials, services, or expertise required. We’ll start with Meridian Business Members – for example, if the request is to upgrade to LED lightbulbs and a local hardware store is also a Meridian Member, we would purchase them there.

If we can’t source the upgrade by purchasing from a Meridian Member, we’ll prioritize businesses or services within the same community or area as the requestor. This is part of our commitment to support local communities, and we hope that we can create connections, maybe even partnerships, along the way.


The application period is now closed. All winning submissions will be contacted via email. Thank you!

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