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Earn 5.75% with a new High Interest Savings Account

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Benefits of a HISA | How to use it | Offer details | Open a HISA 

Benefits of a HISA


A great rate

Earn at 5.75% – our highest savings rate at Meridian.



Your savings will grow for a full five months with any new HISA.



Our five-month HISA offer is available across registered (RRSP, TFSA and RRIF) and non-registered accounts.

How to use it

A High Interest Savings Account is great for:
  • An emergency savings account: with a TFSA HISA there are no fees for withdrawing money when you need it!
  • Saving for retirement: with an RRSP HISA, this special rate will help you grow your savings faster.

The HISA maximum deposit is $1,000,000 for registered and non-registered plans. In addition to unlimited transactions, account holders get access to more than 43,000 surcharge-free ATMs across North America.

Offer details

The 5.75% five-month HISA offer is available to Members who do not currently hold a HISA or have not held a HISA of that specific plan type in the past six months. For example, Members who currently hold a TFSA HISA with Meridian would not be eligible for our special rate on that HISA plan but would be eligible on other HISA plan types, such as an RRSP. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Open a High Interest Savings Account

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