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Your opportunities come quickly. So should your answers. At Meridian, we get you the answer you need, when you need it, by starting with your story. It informs our advice, risk evaluation and solution approach. With the right answers, right away, you can feel confident pursuing growth and reach for your goals.

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Business Health Check

Is your small business on track? If you have launched your small business in the past two years, take our online Start-Up Health Check and discover areas for improvement to keep your business moving forward.

Break-even Calculator

Calculating the feasibility of any idea is an important part of creating any business plan. Use this calculator to experiment with pricing, costs and time to work out if your idea is feasible.

The Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage

The Meridian Self-Employed Mortgage is the perfect solution if you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur or self-employed. We understand small businesses, and we’ll work with you to make home ownership possible. You deserve a great mortgage - we can help you get one!

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