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We love helping you save money. With Price Drop it’s easy - we do all the work looking for bargains and price reductions. All you have to do is tell us what you bought and if we find a lower price, you can claim your money back from the retailer!

Price Drop is free for Meridian Members. There are no fees and no limits to the number of receipts you can submit, or the refunds you can receive. Plus, with the Meridian app, these savings are in the palm of your hand.

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How to use Price Drop

The Price Drop feature checks your receipts against prices from over 150 of Canada's most popular retailers every day for as long as the receipt allows us to. Set up Price Drop and start saving money in three easy steps.

Step 1:
Tell us what you bought

Phone taking a photo of a receipt

Take a photo of your receipt using the Meridian App. You can also forward online receipts to receipts@meridiancu.ca. Just make sure you’ve shared your email address with us in Price Drop Settings.

Step 2:
We search for lower prices

Phone showing a message saying that Price Drop has found a lower price

We’ll look for better prices on electronics, furniture, toys, apparel, and other eligible items from price-matching retailers.

Step 3:
You save money

Phone showing the price details in the app

If we find a better price, we’ll send you an email or in-app notification. We’ll also provide the proof you need to claim the difference in cost from the retailer. For online receipts, we’ll claim the refund from the retailer on your behalf whenever possible.

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Download on the App Store  Download Android App on Google Play

Get the most out of Price Drop

Here are some quick tips to help you out:

  • We don’t price match everything – gas, groceries, and entertainment aren’t eligible, for example.
  • Get in the habit of submitting your receipts all the time. Take a photo when you get them or forward receipts right to the Price Drop email.
  • You can use Price Drop for purchases made with cash, debit, and credit - even with non-Meridian cards!
  • Be patient! On average, we’ll find you a better price 25% of the time – and some Members have received up to $500 on a single item! So don’t give up on using Price Drop if you don’t see price matches right away.

Price Drop works with popular retailers

Frequently asked questions

Uploading receipts

  • Can I submit online receipts?

    Yes. Forward your online receipts to receipts@meridiancu.ca. Make sure you go to Price Drop Settings to add the email address that you’ll be sending your online receipts from. Then we can link your receipts to your Price Drop account.

How Price Drop works

  • How long do you search for?

    We search for a lower price on your purchase for as long as we can. Some retailers have 30, 60, 90 days, or even lifetime price-matching policies.

  • How will I know if you find a lower price?

    You can check on the status of your purchases by going to Price Drop in our mobile app. Enable notifications under Price Drop Settings, and we’ll send you a message when we find a lower price.

  • I’ve submitted several receipts - why haven’t I received a Price Drop?

    Some people will get a Price Drop right away, but for some purchases it can take more time. It all depends on whether another retailer is selling your product at a lower price somewhere else. If they are, we’ll find it, so hang in there! We continue to search for a better price on your product for as long as the receipt allows us to. If you didn’t receive a Price Drop, it may just be that you’ve already paid the best price possible.

  • How can I unsubscribe from Price Drop?

    Visit the Price Drop Settings page to unsubscribe. Note that unsubscribing from Price Drop will remove your receipts and delete corresponding tracked purchase items.

  • How secure is the storage of my digital receipts?

    The receipt capture process uses the same secure technology as our mobile cheque deposit service. Once stored, we perform the same stringent security testing as we do on our banking system. We do not store any personal information other than what we need to provide and support the Price Drop service. Review our Terms and Conditions where we specifically spell out what data is required to run the service. You can find them in the settings page of the Price Drop feature.

  • Who has access to my receipts?

    A representative may access your receipts in select situations:

    • To process a receipt when the system had difficulty reading it before rejecting it.
    • To process a refund on your behalf when we find a deal. This is really what makes Price Drop shine.

    Other than those two cases, the receipts are securely stored for you and only you to access within the app.  No one else, other than perhaps a database administrator (for investigative purposes), would be accessing receipts.

  • Does Meridian use the data from my receipts for anything other than Price Drop?

    No. All we’re doing is providing the Price Drop service. We know… hard to believe, but it’s true. We’re not selling the data, analyzing your receipts, or trying to understand your shopping habits. We genuinely just want to save our Members money. If at any time in the future we do plan to do something else with your personal data, we will ask for your consent in order to do so.

How to get your money back

  • Once you find a lower price, how do I get my money back?

    Show the retailer the Price Drop proof we provide in the app, plus your original purchase receipt. For online receipts, we’ll claim the refund from the retailer on your behalf whenever possible. Then the retailer will deposit the refund directly into the account you used to make the purchase.