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Are you where you want to be with your money? Many of us are apprehensive to dig in and really examine our financial truth to determine the answer. When you work with Meridian Wealth, your advisor explores your truth with you – your story, context, experience, goals, dreams and concerns. That personal approach shapes the advice that we provide and the decisions that we make together, helping you grow your confidence, peace of mind and wealth esteem.

Investing time with you

We want to know you as both a person and an investor. So we take the time to sit down, face-to-face and talk. And share. It’s essential that you trust your advisor and feel known. With that foundation of knowledge and intimacy, we can ensure that your priorities, life goals, challenges and milestones guide the investment decisions that we make together.

Your plan for progress

Whether you are starting out, optimizing your wealth or nearing retirement, it’s essential to have a plan to guide you. We use the information that we learned about your priorities, life goals, challenges and milestones to shape your plan and guide your progress. We also monitor along the way and make the necessary changes to support evolving goals or transitioning priorities. The plan that we build together is a tangible, practical way to ensure that you stay on track and head in the right direction.



An objective point of view

What are you trying to achieve with your money? And which priority concerns you the most? Many investors, have serious questions that they want answered to achieve peace of mind. By knowing you as a person and as an investor, your advice accounts for your needs and priorities. As experts, we also offer an objective point of view to clarify the potential impact of every investment decision on your overall goals.

Why Personal matters

As an investor, you want to know that you’re ok. And that’s why personal really matters. When your story directs your investment decisions and your priorities guide your progress, you gain the peace of mind of truly knowing that you are ok. At Meridian, we believe that when investing is personal, we can more effectively help you take ownership of your financial truth, increase your confidence in your financial future and elevate your wealth-esteem.

Wealth Tools

With so many options out there, how can you be sure which investment solutions are right for you?
Our calculators will help you along your planning journey.