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Community investment and partnerships

Community investment and partnerships

Together, we’re building stronger, more resilient communities

Investing in communities is a foundational part of our identity at Meridian. We believe that by using our financial expertise in combination with community-focused partnerships, we can effect meaningful change and help communities build financial resilience.

As a credit union, we don’t have public shareholders — our Members are our owners. That means more of our profits are used to help support the communities of the Members we serve.

Our approach to community building

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Gain perspective

We partner with organizations that focus on the key challenges facing communities today – like housing affordability, financial resilience, and sustainability. The perspective gained through these partnerships positions us to better support the communities in need.

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Build a plan

We invest in organizations that develop programs rooted in the latest research. This type of planning allows us to scale our impact, empowering organizations to broaden their reach and touch more lives.

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Be prepared

We actively support organizations that deliver programs and services directly to the community. From food centres to financial literacy workshops, we’re prepared to offer our support wherever it can make the most impact.

Key partnerships that are making a difference

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Fintech Cadence

Fintech Cadence is an entrepreneurial hub that strives to solve the most pressing challenges facing the Canadian financial system, including housing affordability, financial literacy, and equity.

By supporting this type of thought leadership, we’re helping shape the next generation of Canadian changemakers, including Fintech Cadence's IFH Lab and the Fintech Hub programs.

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Feed Ontario

Feed Ontario aims to address one of the main symptoms of high-cost housing – community hunger – while funding housing affordability research and recommending innovative solutions to partners like Meridian. 

We’re proud to support Feed Ontario; an organization with an innovative approach to addressing community needs associated with access to affordable housing.

Investing in our communities

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Employee giving

Meridian employees show their commitment to community by fundraising, donating, and volunteering for the causes they care about. To encourage continuous giving, we match our employee contributions (up to $1000 annually per employee), and provide up to $500 per year in volunteer rewards to all employees. These dollars are directed to over 400 community organizations across Ontario annually.

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ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

We’re committed to focusing on the key ESG initiatives that are essential to us and to the communities we serve.

This includes embracing and encouraging diversity, supporting the transition to a cleaner future, building financial confidence, and providing access to products and services that help our Members achieve their best life.

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The Good Neighbour Program

The Good Neighbour Program is our local non-profit sponsorship program. Through this program, Meridian forges partnerships with local charities, not-for-profits, and public organizations so that we can work together to meet each community’s unique needs.

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Skills-based volunteering

Our employees embody our commitment to community by actively offering their time and skills to partner organizations throughout the year. Fintech Cadence is one such example, where Meridian employees provide mentorship and support to up-and-coming fintechs; startups dedicated to improving the financial health of Canadians.

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The Sean Jackson Scholarship

Each year, we award one post-secondary scholarship to a high school graduate who has demonstrated both academic excellence and an outstanding commitment to communities.

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