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Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

What the program is all about

Meridian sponsors like-minded companies, for-profit and non-profit businesses and industry associations within our local communities and across Ontario, toward growing our communities of Members/customers together. We are open to unique marketing sponsorship opportunities that can contribute to the growth of Meridian’s Member-focused brand and community – and yours.

Our Marketing Sponsorship Program support includes events (both on-site and virtual), activities within the community, trade shows, promotional branding, etc.

Sponsorship opportunities should include:

  • Marketing/branding potential: co-branding opportunities (including, but not limited to, digital and social media)
  • Target audience: the reach of this sponsorship for Meridian
  • Size of sponsorship: Meridian welcomes opportunities for all sponsorship levels
  • Key details about your organization/business: Meridian seeks opportunities that align with our strategic values and reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion (a commitment that extends to the organizations we partner with)


Have an opportunity for us?