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What is ClickSWITCH?

As a Member, switching over to Meridian is easy when you can automatically transfer your online bill payments, automated payments, and direct deposits to us for free. With our ClickSWITCH service, you can do all this at your local branch. We can even initiate the closure of your other financial institution accounts if you so choose.

You can transfer your direct deposits online through a completely secure and fully automated process. Forget the inconvenience of filling out manual forms. As a Member, just sign into Online Banking to switch your employer payroll, insurance and benefit claims, investment dividends and much more. You can find ClickSWITCH in Settings and select “Add a Direct Depositor” to get started.

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Why ClickSWITCH?

Screen where user enters the depositors sending them money

It’s the fastest and safest way to switch your direct depositor information to Meridian. Avoid the hassle of doing it manually yourself. Submit your request online and we’ll handle the rest working directly with your depositor.

Pick from a large range of eligible depositors, and choose a specific Meridian account to deposit into. Add as many depositors as you like, and manage your existing depositors from our Online Banking platform.

The better question is… why wouldn’t you ClickSWITCH?

To transfer your online bill payments, automated payments, and direct deposits, visit your nearest branch. For assistance, reach us by phone.

How do I submit a ClickSWITCH request?

Step 1: Select your depositor

Find your depositor in our automatic search function and add your account details, including which account you’d like to deposit into.

Step 2: Review and submit

Review the information you inputted and hit submit.

Step 3: Request confirmation

That’s it, you’re done! Now let us handle the rest and we’ll notify you once it’s complete.

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